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Registration for our after-school tech clubs is now open.


Autumn 2018 term for evening and weekend classes runs for 12 weeks, beginning the week of 10 September and concluding the week of 3 December. There will be no classes October 27th-November 2nd. 

Click a link below for full details and to register. More venues to follow as details are finalised throughout August

This term we will be launching our brand new curriculum across all of our venues. Built on the material we've been refining over the past number of years, this curriculum takes everything we've done well to-date and combines it with the leading edge of educational research and a clear focus on giving students a long-term pathway to success. Some key features of the new curriculum include:

  • Greater focus on foundational skills for younger students: giving them the mouse and keyboard skills they need to thrive in the main coding elements of the course, as well as a greater understanding of other skills such as saving files, creating new folders, etc. (Look out for our new "pre-coding" classes, for younger students, launching 2019).
  • Greater clarity of purpose for all students: the new curriculum includes more pre-defined targets for students to work towards. At advanced levels of senior grades there will be formal assessments required for students to attain the top awards issued by the Academy of Code (we will have more details on this in the months ahead)
  • Greater recognition of achievement: for students progressing through their coding adventure there are a number of important milestones. The new curriculum recognises these achievements and offers an extra layer of motivation to work through the more challenging material that presents itself as students progress through later stages of the course. 
  • Enhanced "broad curriculum" modules: we will be integrating a variety of modules through the year including some which will be offered as options which may last several weeks (eg image editing, electronics, sound design) and others which will be integrated into the main curriculum as "mini lessons" within the main classes (eg computer networking, history of computer hacking, surveillance technology, computers in society, staying safe online).
  • Increased communication with parents: for parents looking to follow along with their child's progress we will increasingly be placing a focus on communicating the term's material as we move through the year. As before, our tutors will always be happy to discuss individual students' progress with parents throughout the year, and we will also be continuing our end of term parents nights in all evening and weekend classes.

As always we'll be looking for feedback from parents as the new term progresses, and we can't wait to see these changes in action this year!