Spring 2019 - Newbridge College, Co. Kildare


Spring 2019 - Newbridge College, Co. Kildare

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Class takes place in Newbridge College, Co. Kildare.

Please Note. this is an open venue so students from other schools CAN attend this class.

Secondary school tech clubs combine a broad focus on foundational tech skills with deep dives into a variety of topics which may include music tech, video and photo editing, Java coding, web development, electronics, game design and more.

Class is open to all students of 1st-6th Year. The curriculum will cater to both new and continuing students. 

Term begins Thursday January 17th and runs until Thursday May 16th. There will be no classes during mid-term break. Note that this is subject to change pending confirmation of the school calendar.

Note: class begins at 16.30 for 2019

  • Thursdays, 16:30-18:00


  • €249 for 15 x 1.5 hour classes.

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