A Long 16 Months

The class diary was an experiment which, in spite of its success, we put to one side after week 12 of our Autumn 2014 term. It's been gathering dust there ever since. The diary itself was quite well received, with plenty of parents happy to get an insight into what was happening in class, but putting it together became more of a distraction than it was deemed to be worth. New curriculum development took over, as did recruitment, logistics, and all of the other things that go into bringing each Academy of Code term together.

16 months has left a lot of updates unpublished, and a lot has happened at the Academy of Code in meantime. Time for an update, it seems!

Three founders have become two, as Simon has moved on to other projects (and is greatly missed, by staff and students alike). In his place we have added David, Robert, Sarah and Sid, not to mention Daire, who has been in and around the Academy since that first set of summer camps - not directly filling Simon's shoes, perhaps, but doing a fantastic job in their own rights.

We've also added some new students. Quite a few new students, in fact. In Autumn 2014 we had only a little over 20 young coders in our charge. As of April 2016, that number is well over 200.

We've added locations - first the Teresian School in Donnybrook, for after-school classes, now St. Paul's Raheny, for summer camps. Several more schools are also in the mix for further expansion in 2016.

Most importantly, we have been able to maintain (and even increase) the standards which we set down on day one, way back in early Spring of 2014.

As we get busier we find there is more frequent and more interesting news to share, not to mention more exciting screenshots and videos we can pull from our classes to share. All that and more in the coming months - stay tuned!

(Oh, and the summer camp 2016 registration page is now live - we sold out a class earlier this year in less than 60 minutes, so if you have a date in mind, don't delay!)