Internet Safety Policy

We at the Academy of Code encourage our students to fully explore and engage with all of the technology they meet in our classes. From time to time this can involve online activities including creating or signing in to a Scratch account, finding images to use in a project, downloading a piece of software, etc.

All of our tutors are proactive in monitoring each students’ internet use, and a significant emphasis is placed within lessons on internet safety and responsible use of the internet. In addition, most of our venues are state schools and therefore have network level filtering for obscene/graphic content.

In spite of these precautions it is possible students may come across material which is not suitable for their age group. Any incidents we become aware of involving unsuitable internet activity will be communicated to parents or guardians as soon as practicable. Where relevant, intentional misuse of the internet will also be dealt under our discipline policy.

As always we would encourage parents to get in touch if there are any concerns or queries around internet use in the classroom.

1 July 2019