Spring Coding 2019

Virtual Venue

[REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED] Our newest classroom is in the cloud! Virtual Venues at the Academy of Code offer students who can’t make it to one of our in-person classes the opportunity to join our tutors for online sessions from the comfort of their own home. Click here for details and to register.

Second payment Instalment

If you chose a “half now, half later” option when registering for the spring term you can now pay the remaining balance below. In most cases the balance due should match what you have already paid. Note that this can vary considerably depending on the class length and term length, which are quite different in different venues.

Your Order ID from your previous order will be required for us to reconcile payments. This is included in your original order confirmation, as well as your balance payment reminder. Please contact us if you have any issues finding your Order ID.

Spring 2019 - Second Instalment
Pay 2nd Instalment

Other Venues

Please note that registration in most venues is NOW CLOSED. Please contact us before registering for any classes which have already begun.

Evening and Weekend Classes

(Primary and secondary school, registration open to the general public)