What are Modules?

Starting in September 2017, all evening and weekend classes at the Academy of Code will be organised in 6-week modules. When registering you will only have to select a time appropriate to the student’s age. You do not have to specify a “grade” or “stage” as you did before.

For registration in Autumn 2017, modules can be purchased in blocks of two (covering September to Christmas) or five (covering the full school year).

We will still be catering to both beginners and returning students (hopefully even better than before), but we’ll handle sorting them into classes at our end.

Why the change? A couple of reasons.

First, and most importantly, we think it will help us cater better to students at all levels of knowledge and experience. We had almost 400 students last term, and each one progresses at their own pace. Putting students into classes that progress at a set pace over a number of years was never considered an option for us - rather we needed a solution which facilitates students who are ready to shoot ahead after six weeks, and also those who need a little more time to revise and reinforce certain topics before moving on.

Secondly, it simplifies the registration process. Parents no longer have to figure out what class or grade they are registering for. As long as you remember your child’s age, you can register them!

Finally, it allows us to offer more niche classes as options during the normal term. Music Technology is one module which will be offered in 2017, with other options such as 3D printing and modelling, 3D game design and more to follow. Some of these modules will have prerequisites, while others will be standalone courses. These will primarily be offered in Oatlands College at first, but we hope to offer them more widely as soon as practical.

Questions or comments? We are always delighted to hear any and all feedback. Please Contact Us if you have any thoughts to contribute!