We actively solicit feedback from parents at least once per term. This feedback helps us keep on track in terms of curriculum changes, updates to the class format and lots more besides. More importantly, it’s a really great affirmation for the whole team that we’re going the right direction with our classes.

Since summer 2014 we’ve asked parents to rate several statements on a 1-7 scale (1 = totally disagree, 7 = totally agree). The most important of these is “I would be likely to recommend an Academy of Code course to friend”. The average for any term has never been less than 6 out of 7, and the current running average is 6.4 out of 7.

There are of course far too many lovely comments to share, but the snippets below give a general sense of what our parents and students think!

“Very happy. This was my eight year old daughter's first introduction to coding and it was very positive. Eoin and Ellie created a great atmosphere in the class”

-Katharine Laidler. Summer 2019

It was my sons first Academy of Code & he is sure to return! He would love to try the weekly course starting in Sept !”

- Linda Duffy, Summer Camp 2019

“Excellent. Engaging classes, especially this year. My daughter runs to her class every week and is beaming coming out. Best course she’s ever been involved in! She’s mad about coding!”

- Niamh Jones, Spring 2019

“I am very satisfied with the course and he will definitely back next year.”

- Shane Doherty, Spring 2019

“Thrilled that both my children are thoroughly enjoying the classes. We will definitely continue with this.”

- Miriam Faure, Autumn 2018

“Very satisfied. Holly loves the course and the USB bracelet! Learning something new and challenging every week. Fantastic way to channel my daughters interest in technology. Thank you for all your work.”

  • Yvonne Nolan, Autumn 2018

"This was my 9 year old son's first coding camp and he was enthusiastic every day about going in, and happy every day coming out! He loved it, learned loads, really enjoyed being in the company of others who love coding and, overall, had a great time. Thank you."

- Caitríona Ó Torna, Summer 2018

"Very satisfied. Great value for money. My son skips out the door every thurs and comes home smiling. He has learned a huge amount in a small period of time." 

- Grace Keane, Spring 2018

"Great teachers, Darragh really enjoys going every week and has impressed us here at home with what he has learned."

- Aisling Fox, Autumn 2017

"Thrilled with it. A whole new door has been opened for my son" 

- Blanaid Murphy, Summer 2017

"Excellent opportunity for our 3 kids to learned the basic of coding, myself and my husband we're both greatly satisfied. Thanks Academy of Code!"

- Jocelyn, Summer 2017

"Rory loves the classes. He races to get there and raves about them afterwards. They allow his imagination to soar"

- Niall O Donnchu, Spring 2017

"Very happy, course content is very good, great teachers, my son loves it!"

- Sacha Liu, Spring 2017

"Excellent. The teachers were great with the kids"

- Cara Callan, Summer 2016

"We are very satisfied with our experience with the Academy of Code. My son Jack absolutely loves the classes and is always trying out his new skills at home. He can't wait to get back in September!!

Quality of notes are excellent and any queries raised have been handled to my satisfaction and have always been answered quickly."

- Louise Henderson, Summer 2016

"Very happy with the course. Both Sam and Shona really enjoyed it and I was impressed that despite their different levels both were fully catered for"

- Eileen Taylor, Summer 2015

"Extremely satisfied, I was told it was the best summer course my son had ever been on"

- Niamh Savage, Summer 2015

"Excellent, teachers were able to pace children despite quite varying ability levels / knowledge levels - very impressive"

- Ena Maguire, Spring 2015

"Excellent, Ava really enjoyed her 2 weeks and has signed up for yoir weekly term time course. The relaxed yet productive atmosphere and the friendly and approachable teachers really made the difference to her continuing on beyond the summer courses.
The competitive pricing and personal approach seems to have been spot on!"

- Cecelia Canning, Spring 2015

"Great course - we moved from free CoderDojo classes to paid classes - so it meant you had a high hurdle to climb to reach - guys you excelled here - Gavin skips to class every week & hates to be a second late - high praise indeed!!"

- Tara, Autumn 2015