What we offer

Tech Clubs

These courses run after-school in our partner venues and offer a more lightweight and fun approach to technology than our evening and weekend courses. While still offering a solid grounding in coding, the reduced academic focus in these classes gives us the freedom to introduce a wide variety of technology topics in a fun and engaging way. Recent examples include building physical models of the internet from spaghetti, and making bracelets with students’ initials encoded in the design in binary.


We offer a variety of workshops for both primary and secondary schools, including short introductions to coding, GSuite and Office 365 orientation workshops, staff training, and much more. This is a great way for schools to supplement their in-house IT expertise, and to offer stuents a chance to learn about coding and technology from dedicated tech educators. Prices for in-school workshops start from as little as €5 per student - contact us for more details.

Transition Year Modules

We work with a significant number of schools in offering coding classes for their transition year classes. This is a great way for schools without tech specialists on staff to give their students an opportunity to explore the world of coding and technology. As with our workshops, prices start from as little as €5 per student - contact us for more details.

Evening and Weekend Classes

Our flaghship courses, and the place to be for kids aged 8-18 who want to learn to code. These public classes bring students through a 9 stage curriculum, at the end of which they will be proficient coders and users of technology, as well as having gained a broad understanding of computer hardware, networks, computers in society and the history of computing.

Summer Camps

Summer camps offer a mix of fun and academic rigour, and cater both to brand new students and to those who attend classes during term time. New students will get a taste of what code is all about, while returning students get a chance to continue their work from term time and explore new topics which don’t feature in term time classes.


We have worked with partners including Zeminar, LAYA Healthcare and Fingal Libraries to run introductory workshops and stalls at a variety of events